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Motivates me for reading the Bible. Thanks so much for this app!

One suggestion Please

This is so nice but cannot contact developer for suggestions so I’ll leave a request here in hopes someone will see that can update app. In the beginning of app it’s so nice if you selected a book it shows here but I would like to read one from old one from new then proverbs and then psalms but for suggested reading part it will only show three, Is there anyone out there that can add room for 4 suggested readings..

Perfect. Simple.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Great for reading through the whole Bible at your own pace while keeping track of your progress.

Works great, very easy to use!

This app is elegantly simple. It works basically like a checklist, but tallies your progress and makes the subsequent reading very convenient to find. I highly recommend this app.

Very handy

Love it. I understand that not all Bibles include the Catholic books, but it would be very helpful for us if that option was included

Wonderful App

This app allows me to be in control of my Bible Reading. Hats off to BlueGill Studios.

Simplicity, love it

I love the simplicity of this app. I can read at my own pace and skip all over the bible if I want to and still track my progress. My only suggestions such would be some kind of online backup feature. At pace I read the bible it probably a 2-3 year through the bible. I'll probably change phones at least once during that time and would hate to lose progress.

One of A Kind

This is what I was looking for. It's the only app that lets you track reading without a plan. It could use a little update. Id be willing to pay for it.


Expand to include all 73 books of the Catholic Bible

Fantastic app!

This app gets the job done simply and efficiently. I was looking for a simple app that would help me focus on and record my bible reading progress without all these ridiculous bells and whistles that distract me. I found it in this app. Thank you!

Great App

Great app to keep track of your progress. The only thing I've noticed so far is that Psalm 105 is missing from the list of Psalms.

Great, simple, app.

I love the simplicity. Can you please include an option for all of the books in the Catholic bible?

Just what I was looking for!

This is a great way to track bible reading in an organized way, and break it into manageable chunks of a few chapters at a time.

Awesome Bible Reading Log

This is awesome!!!!! So simple!


I've been looking for an app to help me read my Bible straight through. This is perfect!!

Great Bible Reading App.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Nothing fancy...just simple & straightforward. Allows me the flexibility to read the Bible the way I want to & still keep track of my overall progress.

Simple and easy!

Love this app! I don't really like how other Bible reading apps follow only one "plan" at a time or can only track your progress through the reading you do *within* their app. This Bible Reading Checklist Log, however, lets me keep track of my progress through multiple Bible studies (like if I'm reading in the Old Testament and New Testament at the same time) all at once with just a quick tap on whatever chapter I've finished. Super clear and easy interface, and as a previous reviewer said, seeing your progress is also a great motivator. Awesome!!

Just what I needed!

Clean, simple to use, and not complicated at all. It does just what I need. :)

Clean & simple

I can now do on my device what I used to do with a paper chart. Uncluttered screens are nice and the toggle between NT and OT is very cool.

Exactly what I was looking for!

Such a great app! I have been trying to find an app like this for years now. It is perfect for me because It gives me the flexibility to track my reading without subscribing to a bible-reading plan. Thank you to the creator of this app for serving in this way. God is using it in my life for His glory.

First Review

Awesome idea. Tracking progress is a huge motivator for me. You may want to work on your icon. :)


Deuteronomy has a typo. But app is great, I love it! God Bless

Quite Nice !

I like it a lot actually . Just sometimes I read just a verse , so it would've been nice if they'd update the verses you'll read as well .

Exactly What I Needed!

This app is perfect in its simplicity! Helps me keep track of what i've read book-by-book, and also gives a look at my overall progress in completing the whole Bible. Quick & easy to use. Many thanks!!

Exactly What I was looking for!

Very easy to use, straight-forward interface. Perfect for keeping track if what I've read. Thanks!

Nice App

Straightforward interface. Accomplishes what it sets out to do. Loads and runs fast.

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